The State Board of Education should be the advocate for our public schools; demanding that adequate resources and high-quality learning opportunities are provided for every child in every school.

I have been advocating for students my entire career as an art educator in the Northwest Local School District, as a supervisor of student teachers, and as a Praxis lll assessor of teachers seeking to renew their teaching licenses. These experiences, have given me the tools I will need to continue my advocacy for an educational environment that will provide all of our kids with the skills necessary to meet 21st century challenges.

The role of a high-quality education is to give students the tools they will need to continue to evaluate, synthesize, seemingly unrelated information and make informed decisions that impact their lives. 

Merely teaching to a test and publishing scores will not develop the leaders of tomorrow we will need to tackle the complex problems we cannot possibly envision today. We must insist that Ohio’s public schools have the resources necessary for all students to reach their potential and to lead success and productive lives.