We need to fight for a better balance between federal, state, and local control to ensure that local communities have a strong voice in determining what makes a high-quality public school system.

I have the skills and practical knowledge to fight for what is best for all of Ohio’s children. During my teaching tenure, I developed innovative integrated curriculum, teacher mentor programs and worked closely with the school board on issues concerning teaching and learning. All children deserve our best collective effort to help them thrive and succeed.

Complex problems are solved only when all stakeholders actively engaged in open and honest dialogue, and when the solutions benefit the many, not special interest groups.

As a long-time volunteer and current Chair of the Board of Price Hill Will, a non-profit community development corporation, I have extensive experience working with diverse groups and creating solutions that are continuing to help make our neighborhood a great place for families to thrive!

Over the last several years I have had the privilege of working with Miami University’s Urban Teaching Cohort led by Director Tammy Schwartz. The Cohort provides opportunities for students to live in the communities in which they will be teaching. 

In this model, the 5th and 6th graders are the mentors who guide the mentees, the Miami University students, through what they will need to know in order to be effective teachers!

At this year’s-end celebration at Peaslee Community Center in Over-The-Rhine, an interview, with a teacher at Rothenberg School, captured by a MU student, sums it all up for me.  Her advice to new teachers….”Be Open.  Stay open.  Stay humble.  What you are bringing to someone else has to also be given.  Be able to receive as well as give.  Be willing to learn.”  

Words to live by as I build coalitions and develop policies as a State Board of Education member that will give all Ohio’s students an opportunity to grow and thrive!