Budget Cuts Force Taxpayers to Pass $670m in New Levies…

Almost $900,000 benefiting 124,000 children is transferred to charter schools each year and legislators want to continue to increase the amount which is taken directly from the local school district, even if that public school is performing better than the charter.  We should be working to ensure a high-quality public school system that gives all of our children opportunities to actually be able to pursue the American Dream.  There is, and always has been room for choice, but it should not be at the expense of Ohio’s 1.6 million children who attend public schools and the parents who are working to create a better life for them.  To make up the loss in taxpayer dollars, local school districts are forced to put up local levies.

Innovation Ohio released a new analysis showing that $670 million in new school operating levies have been passed by Ohio taxpayers between May 2011 and May 2014….to read more, go to http://innovationohio.org/2014/06/04/local-taxes-up-34-under-kasich/


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