ECOT Founder Finds Unflattering “Fact Sheet” At Pro-Charter Event

Charter school advocates attending a luncheon at the Ohio Statehouse last Thursday received some unexpected information from some uninvited guests when volunteers from the Ohio Friends of Public Education (OFPE) and Moving Ohio Forward (MOF) arrived to distribute handouts to the group.   One of the attendees and scheduled speakers was millionaire ECOT founder William Lager.

According to MOF, the volunteers “provided luncheon guests with a ‘fact sheet’ that highlights both ECOT’s record of failure in educating Ohio students —and its record of success in obtaining millions of dollars in funding from Ohio taxpayers. The fact sheet also summarizes the campaign contributions ECOT founder William Lager has lavished on Ohio public officials.”


A reader sent us this picture of an attendee reading the flier.

Some key points on the fact sheet (full document here):

  • ECOT’s graduation rate on the latest report card was 35.3%. The average for traditional school districts is 91.4%. The lowest traditional district is 49.7%.
  • ECOT’s Performance Index score of 68.1 was worse than even the lowest rated of Ohio’s 613 school districts.
  • Since the time John Kasich office in 2011, William Lager has contributed $658,225 to candidates and political parties here in Ohio.
  • In his first year in office in 2011, Kasich spoke at the ECOT graduation ceremony

You can read more about Lager and ECOT


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