Board Update!

Hi Public School Advocates!

It has been a very busy first quarter!  I am spending my time visiting local school districts, career and tech centers, parent groups, and other who know much more than me about important issues facing our students.

As I told my fellow board members, upon arrival in January, “I’m not here just to attend meetings”. I will continue to use whatever leverage I have to advocate for policies that will ensure that all of our children, mo matter their zip code, have access to high-quality educational opportunities.  To that end, a number of us on the board have already formed a Pro-Public School Caucus and are working in a more concerted effort on some of the most critical issues before public education;  adequate and equitable funding for public schools, fair and effective teacher evaluations, and whole child education. I am also currently reaching out to folks in the know about early childhood education and  strong supporter of high-quality universal preschool for all children.

The latest vote about the so called Rule 5 of 8 as outlined in the following link, best describes the current situation in Columbus.

Please stay tuned in and push friends to my web and Facebook page at Pat Bruns for State Board of Education. Together we CAN make a difference!

Respectfully, Pat


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