Dear Friends of Public Education…

Friends of Public Education!  Welcome to my 2018 Re-Election Campaign!

It is a distinct honor and privilege to serve as your District 4 State Board of Education member! A review of my work on the SBOE and over 8000 miles logged meeting with my constituents in 2017 alone has led to my decision to run for re-election!

As an educator, I believe we are at a seminal moment in Ohio’s Education System. With the end of the No Child Left Behind era of repressive testing and over-reaching regulations, we have an opportunity to reinvent Ohio Department of Education as a service-based partner with our school districts. Key components are in place to position the ODE again as a top world-class system. In June, 2016, we hired Paolo DeMaria as State Superintendent of Instruction and in January, 2017, ten new board members, both elected and appointed, were sworn in. I am energized by DeMaria’s collaborative leadership style, our Board’s desire to speak as one voice for all Ohio students, and the significant stakeholders’ input in our reform process.

Our 5-Year Strategic Plan: Each Child-Our Future and Ohio’s Every Student Succeeds (ESSA) Plan will provide the reform framework. Promises Made. Promises Kept. Summary reflects my contributions to reform that honors the development of the whole child and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue his/her dreams throughout an ever-changing future.

With your support, I promise to remain committed to policies that further strengthen our public schools and give them the resources they need and to make charter schools more accountable for public tax dollars. I promise to remain committed to reduce/eliminate state-mandated testing, expand career-tech/graduation options, and promote problem-based learning and the Arts for all students. I promise to remain committed to encourage innovative and challenging education environments that place high quality teaching and learning at their heart.


  • Contribute financially and volunteer @
  • Host a house party, postcard-writing party, and/or plant my yard sign.
  • Make phone calls to your friends, family and colleagues. Join me in a parade!
  • Distribute my literature in your neighborhood and/or at the polls.
  • Like/Follow me on social media & Forward it to everyone you know and as often as possible!

Thanking you in advance for your support!  


The State of Ohio allows each taxpayer a credit of $50 every year for a contribution to a state office campaign; $100 if filing jointly. Contact your tax advisor.

Watch SBOE meetings at

Send education questions/concerns to me at pat.bruns@education.ohio,gov



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