The A, B, C’s of My Promises Made. Promises Kept.

A.  When elected to the SBOE, I promised to ADVOCATE for our public schools, demanding adequate and equitable resources to provide high-quality learning environments for each child in every school.

I collaborated with the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education to include a significant Arts presence as part of a well-rounded education in the Ohio Every Student Succeeds Act Plan (ESSA) that includes other federal Title funding for our most vulnerable students.

In the 2017 Biennial Budget, I supported increased resources promoting community health care partnerships, school safety efforts, technology infrastructure, support for Ohio’s Career Connections initiative, school psychologist training, early childhood and literacy education, and school improvement resources.

In June 2017, I voted to accept the hearing officer’s decision that ECOT owed ODE an estimated $60M in overpayments and another estimated $20M in 2018, as part of ECOT’s annual reviews.

B.  I continue to BELIEVE access to a high-quality education is the right of all students and a sacred trust the public must provide, no matter their socio-economic status.

Acting in this belief, I helped develop the EachChild-OurFuture Five-Year Strategic Plan that has at its heart these precepts:

  • Equity for all students, meaningful community partnerships, and quality schools that model a supportive, continuous improvement culture
  • Four equal learning domains: foundational skills and knowledge, well-rounded content, leadership and reasoning skills, and social-emotional skills
  • If Ohio is to attract and retain high-quality educators, collaborative professional learning and leadership environments must be in place that challenge individuals to explore ideas, adopt best practices, and have time to meaningfully engage with students and colleagues

C.  I promised to COLLABORATE with colleagues, constituents, and the legislature to address complex problems.

Collaborative Results:

  • Class of 2018 Graduation Options that were included in the 2017 Biennial Budget and in a recent SBOE Resolution to the legislature to extend these options through 2020
  • Reductions in state-mandated testing
  • EachChild-OurFuture Strategic Plan development that involved over 1400 stakeholders
  • May 2018 SBOE Resolution in opposition to HB512 which would effectively remove the public’s voice in Ohio’s Education System

State and Local Collaborations:

  • ODE/SBOE Graduation and Report Card Review Workgroups
  • Career technology education and Community Learning Center expansion
  • Early Childhood Education and Literacy
  • Homeless and Foster children




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